Stainless steel tanks

Quality and precision to satisfy even the most demanding customers in the field.
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Stainless steel sheet, certified AISI 304, thickness 20/10, fully TIG welded and satinized.

Shaped bottom and rolled sideways.

All the components of the highest quality fully made in Italy.










VI 152606


1500X2600 H600


2,4 Cubic meters


VI 162706


1600x2700 H600


2,6 Cubic meters


VI 183110


1800X3100 H1000


5,6 Cubic meters


VI 203612


2000x3600 H1200


8,7 Cubic meters


VI 224112


2200x4100 H1200 


10,8 Cubic meters


VI 244612


2400X4600 H1200 


13,2 Cubic meters


VI 245112


2400X5100 H1200


14,7 Cubic meters


VI 256212


2500X6200 H1200 


18,6 Cubic meters


Rear hydraulic side rail type dumper € 1,300.00

Antiwave front and rear € 500.00

Removable central breakwater € 650.00